What's the cost of TV mounting in Boston?

The cost of TV mounting will depend on various factors such as the size and weight of the TV, the location where it needs to be mounted, and the type of mount. Boston TV Mounting PROs is your best bet when it comes to affordable TV mounting services in Boston. Call us now or fill out the form online to get a quote in minutes!

How can i schedule an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment by going to our website and clicking on the “Book Now” button.

You can also call our office or email us at hello@bostontvmounting.net

What type of payments do you take?

We accept cash, Venmo and CashApp. We unfortunately don’t accept credit cards.

Do you offer any other services than TV mounting?

We offer TV mounting services, but we also offer a wide range of other services such as sound bar installation, Ring Doorbell Installation, Apple Hardware Repair (iPhone, iPad, Macbook) Furniture Assembly & Disassembly, home automation and Handyman services.

What's the best TV mounting service in Boston?

Boston TV Mounting PROs is the best TV Mounting company in Boston, MA . Our TV mounting service takes your home decor to the next level with our modern, sleek, and professional TV mounting services. We are a reliable Boston TV mounting company with a high success rate. Contact us today!

What TV mount is the best?

TV mounts are a great way to free up space on your desk and give your room an organized look.

TV mounts vary in size, weight capacity, and mounting style. So to answer this question, we need to know what type of TV mount you want, the type of the wall you have and size of your TV. Call us now to learn more!

It’s important to note that TV mounts are not universal so you need to make sure that the mount you choose is compatible with the TV you have.


Can you mount TV on drywall?

The answer to this question is yes. You can mount your TV on drywall, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First of all, you will need to find the studs in the wall and use drywall screws and anchors that are appropriate for the weight of your TV.

Second of all, you will need to make sure that you have enough space around the TV for cables and wires.

Third, if you want your TV on the wall, it’s best not to use a plasma screen because they are heavier than LCD screens.

Can you mount TV above fireplace?

It is possible to mount a TV above a fireplace. The TV needs to be mounted on the wall, and the fireplace needs to have at least one side that is open.

The mounting bracket should be installed on the wall, and then it can be used to mount the TV onto it.

In order to mount a TV above the fireplace, you will need a sturdy mount. You will also need to make sure that the TV can be mounted at least 8 inches away from the fireplace so that there is enough space for people to walk in front of it without being too close.


Who does TV wall mounting in Boston?

TV wall mounting is a job that requires skill and precision. Boston TV Mounting PROs are experts at installing a TV in any room, guaranteeing the best possible customer experience.We can install your TV on the wall, ceiling or even above fireplace! Call us today to get a quote!

How should I mount TV on brick wall?

There are many ways to mount your TV on a brick wall.

The first step is to measure the height of the TV and the width of the brick wall.

The next step is to purchase a mount that fits those measurements.

Then, you can drill holes in the brick wall where you want to put your screws and then install your mount.

How high should you mount TV on wall?

The mounting height of a TV depends on the size and weight of the TV, as well as how far away you want to sit. Generally, it is recommended that you mount your TV at eye level.

It is important to consider the size of your room and where you will be sitting while watching TV. If you plan on sitting in the back of a large room, it might be better to mount your TV high up on the wall so that people in front can still see what’s happening.

Why should you mount your TV?

TV mounting is a process of attaching flat-panel televisions to a wall. This is done either to save space or because the television needs to be mounted on a wall for safety reasons.

TV mounting can be done by professionals, but it is also possible for a DIY-er.

There are many reasons why you might want to mount your TV on the wall:

– To save space in your living room, bedroom or office.

– For safety purposes if you have small children in your home, pets or if you live in an earthquake zone.

– To achieve the perfect viewing angle – especially if you have an older TV with bad viewing angles and contrast ratio issues.

– To get rid of cable clutter that would otherwise be visible on the floor around


Are TV mounting brackets universal?

No, they are not.

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